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2022 Annual Meeting &
50 year Anniversary Celebration
Sept 29-Oct 2, 2022

To be held once again at the lovely NAN Ranch located in SW New Mexico.  We have some special events planned, so please plan to come & join us.

More details to follow.

 Come Celebrate
The  HISTORY of the HORSE in the Southwest

April 9th,  2022 from 9-2pm at the Historic Steam Pump Ranch in Oro Valley, Arizona 




  • Spanish Barbs are featured in a new article in ModernFarm.com.  Writer, Judith Matloff's son spent some time working with Spanish Barbs at Robin Collins' Rancho del Sueno in California.  He came home to tell his mother about these amazing horses he had met inspiring her curiousity. Thank you Judith  for contacting our association and for writing a lovely article about our horses.
  • Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Barbs featured in new Arizona Highways article, April 2021.  Read article here.
  • SBHA can now accept PayPal for Registration related fees.
  • Recent findings on the Genetics of the Wilbur-Cruce Strain of Spanish Barb Horse

..."the WC (Wilbur-Cruce), horses share the greatest genetic resemblance to "Old Spanish" breeds and North African Barb. These horses, based on the analysis I have just done, are probably the best or near best representative of the Old Spanish type that was brought to the New World". Gus Cothran, Clinical Professor, Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 2016.

  • The SBHA is now a 501c3, not for profit organization.
  • Support the SBHA through the Amazon Smile program at no cost to you!  A percentage of all your Amazon purchases is automatically  donated to the SBHA Charitable account.  You can sign up here.
  • Donations now accepted via PayPal.  You can even set up a monthly giving plan.  Check out the Donate Page . 
  • Frozen semen is now available for 2 registered Spanish Barb stallions.  Contact Registrar for details. 
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