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The Spanish Barb Horse Association (SBHA) is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the genetically and historically unique Spanish Barb Horse.

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The SPANISH BARB HORSE ASSOCIATION was originally established as the SPANISH BARB BREEDERS ASSOCIATION (SBBA) in 1972.  The desire was to both preserve and restore horses of Colonial Spanish descent to the original quality from which time and circumstances had extracted a toll. The SBBA members endeavored to recreate the horse as depicted in historic art and literature while keeping the wonderful temperament, acute intelligence and athletic abilities praised in historical writings.


This has been accomplished by the use of selective breeding of individual horses showing exceptional Spanish type. Despite all efforts, the Spanish Barb is still a critically endangered population. The breed is listed in the critical category both by the Livestock Conservancy and the Equine Survival Trust.

Peg Freitag on Amiga Magaju


Through various activities such as putting on public events and demonstrations, setting up informational booths and participating in parades, our members are always trying to make the greater public aware of the treasure that is the Spanish Barb Horse.  We also maintain a social media presence, publish newsletters and manage our website.


 Our membership is not large, but our members are continuing the selective breeding practices,  endeavoring to produce a small supply of quality horses.  SBHA is supportive of our members interested in  breeding. Only a single mare can have an impact. 

 SAVE OUR STALLIONS is a program to raise funds to use for the collection and storage of semen  from our quality stallions. 

2023-2024 Board of Directors and Officers

President               Beth Mendivil
Vice President    Alana Carden
Secretary               Kathleen Bellemare
Treasurer               Maggie Engler
Registrar                Heidi Collings
Director                   Louise Novak
Director                   Bekah Segien
Director                   Jennifer Racicot



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