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Wild Caught near Wilbur Ranch

DNA Ancestry Verifies Spanish Barb Heritage

Color: Black

Owned by Steve and Jane Turcotte

Rear Admiral Steve Turcotte USN (ret)

Aravaipa Land and Cattle and Consulting

Email Steve Turcotte


10945 N. Gila Rd.

Tucson, AZ 85742

(c) 520-990-0313


91181 E. Aravaipa Rd.

Winkleman, AZ 85192


Amigo-Turcotte a.jpg

Amigo was wild caught in the vicinity of the old Wilbur Ranch. Amigo is very kind, gentle, and loves people. He is currently a working ranch horse on his owner's rough desert ranch in Araivaipa Canyon .  Amigo has produced several quality foals.

BC Santino Adelmo

Sire: El Savache Dam: Vaquero's Querencia,

YOB: 2017   Color: Black 

Owned by Stephanie Hayes

Center for America's First Horse

PO Box 31

Johnson, VT 05656


Email Stephanie Hayes


BC Santino Adelmo (Santino) is the first stallion born into the resurrected breeding program of the Baca strain. His dam is 50% rare Belsky line and sire is 100% Baca, a small and unique strain from New Mexico.
His soft and kind eye represents his true character; calm, friendly, curious, and intelligent. His relaxed and easy-going personality allows him to live with a herd of geldings and be handled by children. He’s been started under saddle and ridden out on trails after his first few rides and his willingness to learn makes him very easy to train. He has substantial bone and is naturally well balanced, with strong Spanish type movement. He will be an ambassador for the breed as a performance horse in dressage and Working Equitation. 
Santino has been successfully collected numerous times and has frozen semen stored, to be used specifically for strengthening the gene pool of the Baca strain. In 2020 he sired his first offspring, a Grullo filly via A.I. fresh semen. Santino’s semen has been tested to be of exceptional quality with high motility rates pre and post-thaw.  Consideration for preservation-minded breeding to qualified mares of other lines will be considered.


Read more about the Baca-Chica strain


Sire: Rojo Tesoro Dam: Sabana

DOB: 4/10/2000  Color: Bay

Owned by Doug and Louise Novak

PO Box 537, Elfrida, AZ 85610, 402-657-2406

Email Louise Novak



Cococito is a pure Wilbur-Cruce stallion by Rojo Tesoro out of a Padre Kino mare and is a close connection to the foundation Wilbur Cruce herd donated by Eva Wilbur-Cruce in the 1990s. His exquisite movement duplicative of the genetic preservation and history of the breed, showing that natural Spanish grace, power, and agility. His temperament is a testament to the breed with a natural intelligence, curiosity, and friendly disposition that makes him a pleasure to be around.

Cococito has been lightly bred, but the results have been extraordinary, passing on both his movement and temperament to his offspring. If you have any further questions Cococito is owned by Louise and Doug Novak; who can be reached at (402) 657-2406, and are located just south of Tombstone, Arizona.

Sire: Matador Yates, Dam: La Milagra de Mogollon,
YOB: 2015   Color : Red Dun 
Owned by Melanie & Galen Folsom, Whetstone Arizona
Phone: 207-949-0403
Email Melanie Folsom


A. Carden photos


A. Carden photos

Pardo Rojo is a unique blend of multiple strains of Spanish Barb, creating an excellent and level headed stallion. With star-studded bloodlines featuring many of the SBHA/SBBA foundation stock; Chico is a unique combination of Belsky, Romero/McKinley, and Yates.
With smooth, flashy movement, exemplary temperament, and lovely Spanish looks, Chico has it all. He is easy to handle, clever, and friendly. He has taken all aspects of his training with maturity and poise.

Pardo Rojo has been lightly bred has produced four lovely foals.
Breeding to Pardo Rojo is  available by live cover near Whetstone, Arizona.

Sire: Ahuyentar , Dam: Luciernaga 
YOB: 2019   Color: Grullo  Frame Overo 
Height: 14-3 hands

Owned by David Robinson, Portal, Arizona 520-253-1317
Email David Robinson
Rizado-stallion 2

A. Carden photos

Rizado-stallion 1

Rizado is a fantastic young stallion produced from the combination of 1/2 Wilbur-Cruce strain and 1/2 Sulphur strain. He’s a beautiful example of a grulla frame overo with the additional flash of zebra stripes on his legs.

      Rizado’s temperment is extremely sweet and easy going, he lives with geldings and is often handled by “the grandchildren.” He has been started under saddle and thrives on daily handling and interaction. He is kind, curious and very social. Rizado has substantial bone and is naturally well balanced for a young, growing stallion.

     We have 2 expected foals by him in the spring of 2023, Rizado has proven to be kind and gentle with the mares while pasture breeding. 

    Breeding to Rizado is available by live cover in Portal, Az. Contact David Robinson for details. 

Sire: Cruce Control, Dam: Serrana de Arivaca
YOB: 2008   Color: Black Sabino 
Owned by Heidi and Jerry Collings, Prescott, AZ 575-654-3137
Email Heidi Collings

A. Carden photos

Tildio is a pure Wilbur-Cruce stallion. He is a very athletic and intelligent horse, with superb, expressive movement showing grace, power, and agility. His temperament is a testament to his breed with a kind, gentle, and friendly disposition, making him a joy to be around. Though he looks grey or roan, he is actually a Black Sabino.

Tildio has been lightly bred producing two quality fillies.

Breeding to Tildio is only available by frozen semen, which can be purchased from the Spanish Barb Horse Association. Contact owner, Heidi Collings.

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