What is a Spanish Barb Horse?




To understand the Spanish Barb horse it is best to know the history and the standards. The history of the breed is described here.

Breed Standards

The breed standard for the Spanish Barb horse is the criterion which the horses are judged. The standard is the basis by which horses are measured either for acceptance, placement, or rejection for registration.

Every aspect of the breed standard has been designed to promote the IDEAL horse.  An ideal by which the goal of quality and excellence is attained.

The overall appearance of the Spanish barb is one of balance and smoothness.  A horse with depth of neck and body, roundness of hip, short, clean legs and a well-set, distinctively refined head.

Standard height of the Spanish Barb is 13.3 to 14.3 hands. A few individuals may mature slightly under or over but do not represent the norm.

Spanish Barb horses come in all colors plus overo and tobiano pintos.




The heads of Spanish Barb horses are refined with a broad wide forehead.  The profile is straight or slight convex with brown or blue eyes.  Eyes are wide set with prominent bone structures above them.  Notice their crescent shaped nostrils. This is a feature you will see in Spanish Barb horses.


The typical body type for Spanish Barbs is a rounded body.  They have short backs with a strong neck.  Their tail set is low the medium low. See the image below as an example of the body type.



Spanish Barb Horse side view of conformation


Under normal conditions the mane, forelock and tail are quite long and full. An exceptionally full mane will sometimes fall naturally on both sides of the neck. The classical style characteristic to the Spanish Barb and all Iberian/Barb descended breeds is displayed by their natural carriage, action, intelligence and temperament under saddle. These somewhat elusive traits remain an important part of their heritage and appeal and are basic to the successful restoration of the breed.