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Wilbur Family

The Rueben Wilbur Family's Horse Story-
Arizona Territory

Excerpt from Eva
Wilber-Cruce's Book

"The Spanish horses were brought here from Rancho Dolores in Mexico, the headquarters of Father Kino, (1687), who brought them from Spain...a fine breed of Barbs that were brought to Spain by the Moors, and they also brought their riding style which they called "La Jinta". The Spaniards adopted it quickly, and it is the style the vaqueros use here today. 


The Spanish horses thrived in the 

desert and were the horses of the 

day. They were our companions from sunup to sundown, and

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Dr. Rueben Wilbur Homestead


Evs's Book, Published By

sometimes deep into the night, year in and year out. They had speed, stamina, and intelligence. Years of close association taught me their language. We loved our voiceless co-workers dearly and were quick to take offense at any slight against them. Indeed, more so than at a slight against us.

The Spanish horse was made to build the West, and that he did. And so the Spanish horses were made for the country and were much like the country itself, rugged and beautiful. They carried themselves well and carried their riders with utmost care, placing their small feet on solid ground and balancing themselves as they reached out for better footing. It was amusing to see and 800 pound horse under a 200 pound man with an enormous saddle and a 1,000 pound bull at the end of a rope. They knew the danger they were under, but they worked with their riders with courage and outstanding intelligence. And none more beautiful!"


Eva Branding a Foal


Eva On Her Horse, Diamonte


Eva As An Adult

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