Registering Your Horse

To preserve and promote the SBHA horses please register your horses! SBHA has a very thorough registration process. If your horse is from registered SBHA stock you still need to complete the registration process.

Horses that are registered with SBHA represent the best of the Spanish Barb traits.

Registration horses Spanish Barb Horse Association Hidalgo-(Santiago-x-Dolores)


SBHA Registration Forms


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print registration instructions for completing Form A and Form B registrations forms.


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print Registration Form A – Basic Application.


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print Registration Form B – Advancement and Alternative / over 2 years old Application


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print Transfer Form.


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print Stallion Breeding Report.


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print Mare / Foaling Report.


IMG_0924-Janie-horse-50pxView / print DNA Form


Please print your form and fill them in then mail with the appropriate fees to the SBHA Registrar. Please review the Rules and Regulations for Registration document. Registrar’s contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

If you experience any issues with these forms please contact the SBHA webmaster at


Basic (Form A) Application

Age Member Fee / Non-Member Fee

Registration Application Fees for horses foaled from SBHA registered parents.

  • Up to to 1 year of age $40.00 / $65.00*
  • 1 year to 2 years of age $45.00 / $75.00*
  • 2 years to 3 years of age $50.00 / $80.00*
  • Ranch multi rate (2nd plus submitted simultaneously) $25.00 / not offered

Download Basic Form A



Heidi Collins 2009 Yearlings


Alternative (Form B) Application


Measuring for registration in the SBHA registery

Lucy Sulfur


4 years and older, or horses from unregistered parents requires the Alternative Registration procedure. Discounted application fees are available if submitting more than one Alternative application at one time. Contact Registrar for details.

Member Fee / Non-Member Fee
$40.00 / $75.00*
Ranch multi rate(2nd plus submitted simultaneously) $25.00 / not offered


Measuring for registration in the SBHA registery


Please review the Measuring Your Horse Accurately for Registration document for details on measuring your horse for the Advancement Registration.

Member Fee / Non-Member Fee
$20.00 / $45.00*

Download Advancements Form B

* which includes 1 year membership

Measuring for registration in the SBHA registery

Transfer Reports

Member Fee / Non-Member Fee
$20.00 / $25.00*  per horse/owner

Download Transfer Report Form.



SBHA 2014 Annual Meeting


Stallion Breeding Report


Reports on official registrar’s form must be submitted on or before the first day of February showing all mares bred to said stallion during the previous year.  All reports filed on time are not charged.

Member Fee / Non-Member Fee
Filed on time  Free / Free
Late $10.00 / $10.00

Download Stallion Breeding Report


RE Coronado di Catalano SBHA registered stallion

                                           RE Coronado di Catalano registered SBHA


Mare Foaling Report

Foaling reports on official registrar’s form are due to the registrar 30 days after the owner’s or lessee’s mare has foaled.

Member Fee / Non-Member Fee
Filed on time  Free / Free
Late $10.00 / $10.00

Download Mare Foaling Report Form


Bella Luna with her colt Hermoso

                                                       Bella Luna (registered SBHA) with her colt Hermoso


Duplicate Certificate Requested

Member Fee / Non-Member Fee
$15.00 / $25.00
Send completed forms and payment to SBHA Registrar:

Heidi Collings
PO Box 30
Mule Creek, NM 88051