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SBHA is proud to present SBHA registered stallions available for breeding.

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registered SBHA Stallions Cazador Del Trueno

Cazador Del Trueno 

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Date of Birth: 05/05/2008  |  Color: Red Dun Overo  |  Sire: Apache Thunder   |  Dam: Crystalina  SBHA Registration#: 136

Traits: BOLD & BRAVE Cazador gives his heart and his soul and is a strong and honest leader of his herd. He is always ready for challenges laid ahead of him and his approach is always calm yet with courage. He thrives on being out and about always wanting to know what is around the next corner. Cazador is preparing for the world of Endurance Riding and is showing amazing potential in this area, he gives 110% to everything he does.

Contact: Warrick Pye +61 7 5429 0224


Location: Australia



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Date of Birth: | Color: Bay | Sire: Rojo Tesoro | Dam: a Padre Kino mare  | SBHA Registration#:

Traits: CURIOUS & FRIENDLY Cococito is a close connection to the foundation Wilbur Cruce herd donated by Eva Wilbur in the 1990s. His exquisite movement is duplicative of the genetic preservation and history of the breed. He shows that natural Spanish grace, power, and agility. His temperament is a testament to the breed with a natural intelligence, curiosity, and friendly disposition that make him a pleasure to be around.  Cococito has been lightly bred, but the results have been extraordinary, passing on both his movement and temperament to his offspring.


Contact: Doug and Louise Novak (402) 657-2406


Location: just south of Tombstone, Arizona.