SBHA Officers  2020


Beth Mendivil – President

“I have been around horses all my life as my Grandpa bred Appaloosas. I now realize that the Appaloosa breed began with Spanish Barbs as their foundation, consisting of horses selected from Barb stock. I wish I would have known then what they were and how special they are. I have owned Arabians and greatly enjoyed them. Then I saw Lorenzo as a weanling at Silke Schneider’s and we had eyes only for each other. He actually came up through the other horses and touched my hand with his nose. All the other horses just faded away and I saw only him. LOL, (sounds like a love story).

Silke told me he wouldn’t let anyone but her near him and she was surprised he did that (he loved me too!). So I became involved with the Spanish Barb and here I am today, serving as a director.”





Jerry Gallegos – Vice President



Heidi Collings – Registrar


Heidi Collings is one of those “horse crazy” girls who never grew away from them. Heidi Collings – SBHA Registrar.  She recalls that she, “grew up with horses in her blood,” and has worked with many breeds throughout her life.  She has a breadth of experience in horsemanship which includes: breeding, training, showing, ranch and cattle work, extensive trail riding (rim to rim of the Grand Canyon), and is assisting in therapeutic riding courses. When asked, Heidi said that she, “enjoys her relationship with her horses, most of all.”Heidi+Collings+bio+photo-sm

Heidi was introduced to Spanish Barbs in 1995 and immediately recognized their unique and wonderful traits.  Heidi and her husband Jerry – were hooked, and began their relationship with the breed by assembling their own breeding herd. Together, they now live on a 22,000 acre New Mexico cattle ranch where they raise and train Spanish Barbs.

Heidi joined the SBHA in 2000 and has been very active member and volunteer.  She has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2003.  She has hosted several of the organizations annual meetings, helped write numerous publications and helped to manage the SBBA website.  She has been fulfilling the critical role and responsibilities of Registrar for numerous years now.

Heidi is a gifted horse trainer with insight into how to build the most thoughtful and gratifying partnerships with Spanish Barbs, from foals to stallions. Heidi is committed to making known the many talents and traits of Spanish Barbs.


Maggie Engler – Treasurer


“I am a life-long horsewoman, having begun riding at age 8. I never was able to own my own horses until I met my Spanish Barbs in my mid-40’s. I am very intrigued by the Spanish Barb breed, its remarkable history, and the qualities of the individual animals.

As a way to give back to the breed, I serve on the Board of Directors of the SBHA as the treasurer. I tutor people with dyslexia, and am the co-founder of the Black Hills Raptor Center based in Rapid City, SD.”



Kathleen Bellemare – Secretary



Dikki Vanhelsland – Membership Chair



SBHA Board Members


Sheila Segien

Esha Mork

Jane Dobrott


Stephen Turcotte

Louise Novak