SBHA Member Photos 2013 – 2014



SBHA Annual Meeting Hay Creek Ranch October 2014

Enjoy some photos from our Annual Meeting

SBHA 2014 meeting 04

Polly McLain on Nickle

SBHA 2014 meeting 05

John Mayer on Gavilan de Mogollon

SBHA 2014 meeting 02

Jerry Dixon On Miranda and Ashlyn Dumas on Hombre.

SBHA 2014 meeting 06

Becky Chandos, Marjorie Dixon and Clair O’Neil enjoying Hay Creek Ranch

SBHA 2014 meeting 07

Beth Mandivil on Lorenzo, Alfredo Mendivil on Alejandro

SBHA 2014 meeting 08

Kathleen White on Fabiana

SBHA 2014 meeting 09

Janie Dobrott & Marjorie Dixon fixing breakfast.

SBHA 2014 meeting 10

Ashlyn Dumas with Hombre

SBHA 2014 meeting 11

Marjorie with a beautiful breakfast tray!


Fall & Summer 2014


Please enjoy photos of our members with their horses!

California Members

Some great photos from Duv Cardenas of Limerock Ranch, Ione, California. 


Dan on Federico.


2014-05-17 First trail ride 2 copy

Duv on her first trail ride on Ibiza her Sulphur mare.



New Mexico Members


DSC00319 (2)

SBHA Director Kathleen Bellemare on Feliz, AKA Whipper at the SBHA Annual Meeting in October.





from phone 811

In July, Xavier de Dragoon came to live with me, (Louise Cash) in Mimbres, NM.  For the first two months I doctored & rehabilitated his weak pelvis and a slow healing brand. Only after this time did we start riding and doing mounted rehab work. It’s going well, I’m learning a lot and Xavi is benefiting from me taking my time.



two white horses june 21 2014

First time meeting: Xavier de Dragoon on left and Chimayo de Mogollon on right. They are my lovely & talented grey herd…and I love them to pieces!  Louise Cash


from phone 913


In July, Bob Shelley and Louise Cash took Dado & Chewy on a 5 day camping trip with the Back Country Horsemen of America. What fun! We camped just 5 miles north of our home in Mimbres, NM. Crossed LOTS of water and rode steep trails. We did Dutch Oven Cooking in the evenings with the group. Yum!


from phone 585


Bob Shelley and Louise Cash (New Mexico members) went for a ride around Fort Bayard to see “the Big Tree”. This tree is so big it takes 3 adults to hold arms out wide around it’s base. Bob is holding their horses Dado, in the foreground, and Chewy next to him.  Mak


Javi Lisa Maxwell clinic 0814


Louise Cash and Xavier at a Lisa Maxwell Clinic in Mimbres, NM. Lisa teaches French Dressage–so light and honoring to the horse. I had ridden Xavi only 2 times that week (after rehabbing him from the ground for 2 months). He did splendidly and we plan on returning for more next summer!





Silke Schneider having fun with her horse Lucy.


Arizona Members




The two photos above are of Beth Mendivil and Alfredo Mendivil at a local horse event with their Spanish Barbs Lorenzo and Alejandro.


Lorenzo ridden by Alana Carden at a local dressage show.




Hi, my name is Fabianna and I am owned by Kathleen White (Katie, Arizona member). This summer I was adopted by Katie and taken from my home in the Dragoon Mtns to live in Catalina.




I was trained to wear a saddle and my adopted mom is riding me all over the Catalina mountains. I like my new home and have made friends with other barbs and a few Arabians and I am trying to be friends with the mule but we argue a lot.


Last week, my mom scrubbed me with this funny purple soap trying to get me clean and took me to a place called Tubac where there were some other horses that looked very familiar. I had lots of people pet me and feed me carrots.  My mom says we are going to go camp and ride in Oracle, AZ. That should be fun. Thank for listening, Fabby.


Here are more photos of Arizona Members at the Anza Days in Tubac, Arizona this October.


Alfredo Medvidil with Alejandro and Dikki Van Helsland with her mare.


Dikki with her gelding Naco and Alfredo with Lorenzo.


Naco enjoying the crowds at Anza Days.  This was Naco’s first public event.



Enrique de Dragoon aka Rickie enjoyed his summer with some riding lessons with Alana Carden.



Spring / 2014

Western National Park Association Talk April 12, 2014

Maureen Kirk-Detberner with Mark O’Hare of the Father Kino Society, gave a talk on Father Kino’s horses at the Western National Park Association. Maureen spoke on the history of the Spanish horses in the Americas. Mark spoke on the history of Father Kino in Mexico and Arizona.

Many of the attendees were surprised to learn of the association of Father Kino with the Wilbur-Cruce horses.  The talk was given twice and very well attended.


Mark-an-Maureen-talk-BRIES-011   Mark-an-Maureen-talk-BRIES-007

Tubac Presidio State Historic Park March 2013

SBHA’s “Discover The Horse that Discovered America” event at Tubac Presidio Park on March 31, 2014 was a grand success. Over 300 people attended.  Our wonderful SBHA members brought their horses and put on fabulous demos.

Rosemary Gordon Panuco rode her Spanish Barb, Jose Juan over some jumps.  It was Jose Juan’s third time jumping and he was a trouper.  Rosemary also brought her other Spanish Barb, Leo an Arizona Champion jumper and two of her burros to the event.

Beth Mendivil rode her Spanish Barb, Lorenzo in a dressage demo that had the crowd in awe.  Beth’s husband Alfredo rode Xavier his Spanish Barb too.

Rosemary and Beth did two demos during the day. Later, in the afternoon Becky Chandos, Polly McLain and Jerry Dixon brought out their Spanish Barb horses, Zapata, Nichol and Hermosa to walk around the arena area so people could see them.

SBHA sold t-shirts and carrots and made $240.00!  Tubac Park has ask us back the Anza Day celebration in Oct. and wants us to do another all day event next year.


Shaw Kinsley, Director of Tubac Presidio Historic State Park and his crew putting up the pens for our horses


Xavier, owned by Alfredo Mendivil enjoying extra pets!


Nickel owned by Polly McLain is enjoying the day at Tubac Presidio Park



The SBHA banner on the grounds at the park.


Bob Zimmerman, Eva Wilbur-Cruce’s grandnephew enjoying the day.


Becky Chandos and Zapata her Spanish Barb horse talking with some visitors.

osemary Gordon Panuco with Jose Juan

Rosemary recently purchased Jose Juan from Beth Mendivil and is starting him in dressage.

The photos below are from Jose Juan’s first dressage show.



Tucson Rodeo February 14 – 23, 2014

For the first time ever SBHA had a booth at the Tucson Rodeo.  Deb Wolfe worked out a deal with the Tucson Rodeo for one of their non-profit spaces.  Yea Deb!

We started the setting up on Friday, February 14.  Becky Chandos, Dikkie Van Helsand and Maureen Kirk-Detberner put up the SBHA tent along with banners and photos.  Our booth looked great.

We baked cookies, brownies and candy and sold them to the crowds.  Our volunteers changed off from selling baked goods to branding the kids and adults with a Wilbur-Cruce brand (rubber stamp).  People were very interested in learning about the Spanish Barb the Arizona State Heritage horse.

All totaled we worked 6 days at the rodeo.  We probably had over 1,000 people stop by and talk to us about the horses.  We also made a lot of new friends for SBHA.

SBHA couldn’t have done this event without our wonderful volunteers, Barb Armstrong, Becky Chandos, Heidi Collings, Marjorie Dixon, Maureen Kirk-Detberner, Polly McLain, Lydia Mangen, Louise Novak, Dikkie Van Helsland, and Deb Wolfe.




Fall 2013 / Winter 2014

Becky Chandos and her Spanish Barb Zapata at Barb Armstrong’s in the Dragoon Mountain Ranch in Arizona.


Lydia Mangen, Silke Schneider and Becky Chandos riding on their Spanish Barbs at Barb Armstrong’s place in Dragoon Mountain Ranch in Arizona.




Marjorie Dixon reports that Shirley Visnoski purchased Nino from Marjorie for Shirley’s grandchildren and this photo is of Nino and Ghost Dancer enjoying the Colorado pasture.

nino and ghost dancer

Becky Chandos’s Zapata hanging with the girls…black on black…where is Zapata?  Can you find him?



Kathryn Plauster Spanish Barb Ulzana sporting a saddle.  Ulzana is going to make a wonderful saddle horse.



Maureen Kirk-Detberner’s Spanish Barb horse Enrique de Dragoon (aka Rickie) is a docent at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, AZ.  Rickie and Maureen walk through the park and stop along the way to talk about the history of the horses.


Rickie’s official docent badge and his Christmas decorations for the Dec. 21 event.



Beth Mendivil with Rickie at the park.  Beth helps with Rickie.




Dave Robinson says “We do these couple hour rides into the local canyons in the mornings or evenings depending on the weather. Saturday and Sunday leave the horses and humans wishing, but missing, for more Monday.

You want to come out and visit? Bring your saddle (to be most comfortable) and off we go!”




This fall Becky Chandos and Zapata did some riding at Dripping Springs ranch with Heidi Collins.  Here are some photos of their rides.